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The Van Diemen Project presents

How to Build a Personal Brand | Launceston

Personal Brand, it is what drives a first impression, it is also the thing that people remember you by.

We all have a personal brand, unfortunately many people are not aware of it, so they don’t manage it strategically, consistently, and effectively.

Research shows us that people with great personal brands generate increased worth and value for themselves and their business, maximising effectiveness and achieving set goals.

Developing a personal brand has never been more important.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a new job, exploring a career change, trying to get a promotion, launching a new business or wanting to attract new clients. A personal brand that clearly communicates who you are, where you’re going, and the value you can bring to others. It is vital for growing your career or business.

How to Build a Personal Brand is an introduction to personal branding and development of branding strategies. Join our Entrepreneurship Facilitator, Talitha 'Taz' Devadass in this workshop to learn some simple techniques to promote your personal brand and take control of 'brand you'.

This friendly, interactive workshop aims to set you up for success in today’s demanding workplace where it is often hard to both get your message across and leave a memorable impression. It will assist you with development of your personal branding strategy, statement and intended brand positioning, enhancing how you engage others you work and interact with.

This workshop is for you if you’re:

-Looking to create new career and business opportunities;

-Looking to make a career change;

-Seeking to enter or re-entering the workforce;

-Building your confidence to start your own business;

-Wanting to increase your visibility to grow your business;

-Wanting to attract new clients and business opportunities; or

-Wanting to improve their presentation skills.

Following this session, participants will be able to:

-Have a clear focus on their own brand vision and goal;

-Develop consistency of brand image across all interactions of face-to-face, verbal, and written social media;

-Gain increased self-awareness of their strengths and areas of improvement;

-Design your own personal branding statement;

-Create key messages that stick;

-Position your brand for maximum effect;

-Keep your brand top of mind;

-Communicate and maintain great relationships;

-Network for success; and

-Get their brand working for them.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the workshop and build your personal brand with Talitha 'Taz' Devadass.

If you have any queries, please contact the team on 03 6349 1919 or email .

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