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Managing Employees- Complimentary Workshop

Are your HR skills up to par?

Overcome Common HR Challenges in this FREE Workshop

Being responsible for making hiring and firing decisions, keeping watch over employee wellbeing and handling sensitive information can be overwhelming. Handling these duties is not easy and requires specific knowledge and understanding of employment obligations.

Come along to this free workshop to gain practical advice and tips to support a productive and compliant work environment.

Managing Employees – Complimentary Workshop

What is covered?

  • Performance Management - key information to get it right the first time
  • Managing attendance and leave entitlements
  • Casual employees and casual conversion requirements
  • The art of feedback
  • Standard suite of 7 policies every employing business should have
  • Where to get help when you need it
  • Your questions answered

Who should attend?

Business owners, managers, team leaders, supervisors and anyone working with employees.

When: Thursday 28 January 2021

Where: The Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel

Time: 9.30am-11.00am

RSVP: or call 62 36 36 00