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26TEN, Tasmania's campaign for adult literacy presents

26TEN Big Six Workshop - Devonport

Gain knowledge and tools to help adults learn to read or improve their reading and writing

 Learn about the six steps (Big Six) in everyone needs to master to read with fluency and comprehension.

 Current research identifies 6 broad areas of development required for reading which are all underpinned by early literacy experiences. The big six in reading are: 

  1. Oral language

  2. Phonological awareness

  3. Letter-sound knowledge (phonics)

  4. Vocabulary

  5. Fluency

  6. Comprehension

 Some adults who have difficulties reading, or can't read at all, are likely to have missed out on learning one or more of these skills. Working with adults to gain these skills can markedly improve their reading (and writing) ability.

 This workshop will focus on effective approaches for working with adults who have little or limited literacy skills. There will be a particular focus on the Big Six, including practical approaches for the development of these skills.

 We are fortunate to have Anne Bayetto, Researcher and Lecturer in Special Education at Flinders University, returning to Tasmania to present this workshop. 

 She has been the reading expert for the Principals as Literacy Leaders (PALL) program, offered in every state of Australia, and through this program, she has been part of a team gathering pre- and post- data from PALL participants and later undertaking case studies in schools to learn about effective, long-term approaches. This research has been published in reports back to Education Departments, journals, book chapters, and a purposely written book.

 While her work is mostly with K-12 teachers, she has adapted her workshop to focus on strategies for working with adults. The six steps remain the same.

 She is a member of the Research in Inclusive and Specialised Education (RISE) group at Flinders University and works collaboratively with colleagues to advance knowledge and practice.

More information about workshop content and the presenter is available on our website.


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